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Give your favorite park a pat on the back for National Public Lands Day

Yes, we know the biggest reward that comes from doing good is that warm, fuzzy feeling you get for doing something selfless.

But let’s admit it, it’s kind of nice to get something a little extra.

In the case of National Public Lands Day coming up on Sept. 29, the good deeds range from picking up trash to planting trees to trail maintenance topainting cannons. The reward at most parks (again, besides the warm and fuzzy feeling) is a coupon for a free one day admission to a participating park for the coming year. And don’t worry about having to use it the day you volunteer, the admission fee is waived for everyone (volunteer or not) at most sites as part of National Park Fee Free Days.

And did we mention that many sites will offer their own special reward for volunteers? Think shirt giveawaysmarshmallow roastspanning for goldand demonstrations with National Park Service Dogs. A handful will even make sure volunteers are well fed. Some projects require registration, so check with the site before you go.

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